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Off Vocal The Lost One's Weeping () Acoustic verUnnamed 03:32
Off VocalKarakuri Pierrot Acoustic verUnnamed 03:19
Santana Ft EverlastPut Your Lights On (AcousticElectricVocal Cover) 04:45
Acoustic Inokori Sensei Off VocalUnnamed 05:12
rialexAcoustic, Love & Heart 47:53
Off Vocal Rain Stops, Goodbye Acoustic 05:23
Adore U AcousticVocal Unit Seventeen 02:29
AcousticJust Be FriendsOff VocalUnnamed 05:45
AI BombAcoustic Vocal Edition 02:45
OFF VOCAL Nandemonaiyaacoustic ver 05:42

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